Rudys Hideaway - Rudy's Hideaway Poor service quality

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I dined there 3 times.The first time was acceptable.

The second time my order was overcooked (lobster, which becomes mushy when overcooked) My guests dish was overcooked as well (steak) I called someone over. This person was barely polite and was somewhat badgering. I convinced him to take it back and bring another. This man I later learned was the owner.

The 3rd time I dined there the lobster was overcooked again. I couldn't believe it and was reluctant to complain again. I did though and was really given the 3rd degree before having a deduction to my bill applied. I wrote a letter (email) to the reastaurant but never received a reply.

Everyone I speak to about their experince there seems to respond to my story with understanding and agreement.

This place has a problem.

All are invited to email me for more info on

Review about: Dinner.

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